Will spring 2021 see a resurgence in tourists going on holiday?

Posted 26th November 2020

During April and May it did seem that most of our time at Dragonfly Traveller HQ was spent rebooking holidays, chasing refunds and cancelling holidays. We were also busy keeping our clients up to date with what was happening with their holiday and giving them advice on how to be safe and careful in their decision making. Every client who was due a holiday refund has now received their refund. And lots of 2020 holidays have been moved to 2021.

Now, it does feel like there is some light at the end of tunnel, even though the length of the tunnel is a little tricky to measure.

Between May and October – thanks in some part to the publishing of the travel corridor list by the Government (a list of countries, territories and regions from where you can travel to England and not have to self-isolate on your return) – we have been arranging holidays again for people.

We organised a holiday in Dubai, even though a 14-day quarantine was required on return to UK. This was a tricky one to sort out but we had some great feedback from our client. We have also arranged holidays to Cyprus, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Turkey and Italy.

I watched the recent Andrew Marr interview with the Prime Minister and found some hope in the PM’s comment that:“By spring next year, we will all be in a completely different place.” This got me thinking about the best places to holiday in April (if things are back to ‘normal’ by then!). Here are my recommendations…


Cuba is a fascinating destination where exquisite beaches and bright blue seas contrast with a 1950’s time capsule ambience of intoxicating rum, iconic cigars, rhythmic maracas, sweltering rumba and vintage Cadillacs. If you want a holiday that is both blissfully beach and culturally rich, Cuba will astound in more ways than you could imagine.


When arriving in Marrakesh the first thing you notice is the colours. The ground is a vibrant yellowish orange and stalls lining the streets are filled with rugs and carpets of the richest reds and oranges as well as fresh fruit and green vegetables. Luxury riads are the only way to stay in Marrakech. They are the Moroccan equivalent of a private villa and provide a sense of calm you would think impossible in such a vibrant city with marble bathrooms and tiled floors inside and small pools and luscious greenery in an open courtyard. 


Marvel at the magnificent granite cliffs, dramatic waterfalls and emerald lakes. You will also find the famous Redwood National Park where you can enjoy hiking in the shade of the world’s tallest trees. California’s miles of farm country mean dining opportunities include farm-fresh, high-quality meat and produce too. Foodies can dig into fish tacos, munch sourdough bread or hit the wine trail in Napa.