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07th Jul 2024

Northampton hosts Female Founders Summit with Mary Portas as headline speaker

On Friday and Saturday next week, Northampton will be the stage for an empowering event designed to help women thrive in business, featuring the renowned 'Queen of Shops,' Mary Portas, as the headline speaker. The Female Founders Summit 2024, organised by accredited master coach Lucienne Shakir in collaboration with West Northamptonshire Council and a network of local businesswomen, will take place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July across various town centre venues. Mary Portas, celebrated businesswoman, broadcaster, author, and activist, is best known for her BBC series Mary Queen of Shops and her work with some of the biggest names in global retail. As co-chair of the Better Business Act, she leads a coalition advocating for UK companies to align their interests with broader societal and environmental goals. She will grace the stage at the Royal Theatre on Saturday evening. Northampton-based Lucienne, who has coached and supported hundreds of..

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13th Jun 2024

Drive Your Independence: Experience Freedom with Bristol Street Motors

Nothing should stop us from living a full life, with independence and freedom. Welcome to The Motability Scheme, worry-free motoring through an all-inclusive leasing package that helps disabled people, their families and carers to get on the move and enjoy their independence. When you have a condition or disability, being able to get around can mean the difference between living a full and happy life or not. At Bristol Street Motors Vauxhall/Citroen Northampton, we have a passion for helping people find that freedom. The Motability Scheme is so simple. Exchange all or part of your mobility allowance to lease a brand new car and enjoy the reassurance of a new car with none of the worries associated with buying and running an older one. Bristol Street Motors Vauxhall/Citroen Northampton is proud to support the Motability Scheme in the UK, and can offer a wide choice of vehicles, award-winning service and..

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06th Jun 2024

Family mediation: a free choice and often a good one

Discover why family mediation might be your best option with Wilson Browne solicitors. Learn about the benefits of choosing mediation over court battles, understand the process, and find out how it can save you time, money, and emotional stress. For the time being, the Government has ruled out compulsory mediation in family cases. As a result those wanting to apply to the Courts to sort out finances within their divorce proceedings, or seeking to set out arrangements for their children in an Order, will still have to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). This is subject to certain exemptions, primarily around domestic abuse. Is this a good thing? The Court system is in a dire state with backlogs and delays resulting in a final trial hearing taking a substantial time to reach, with the accompanying significant costs and emotional distress. Alternatives are necessary – and in so many..

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29th May 2024

Northampton philanthropist given Freedom of City of London

A well-known Northampton businessman has been handed the Freedom of the City of London in recognition of his charity work and commitment to the community in his home nation of Bangladesh. Naz Islam was presented with the title during a reception held at The Guildhall in London on Tuesday, 28 May. During a 27-year career, Naz has raised almost £100,000 for local charities and established a school and orphanage in one of the poorest areas of Bangladesh with the help of his family. He said: “Receiving this honour means the world to me and I am grateful beyond words for this recognition. It was a very special moment and one I will treasure forever. “I care passionately about my community, both here in Northampton and in Bangladesh. I have always tried to give back, helping those less fortunate than myself and raising money for local charities that are close to..

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28th May 2024

Join the Saints Corporate Touch Rugby Tournament at Franklin’s Gardens

Experience the excitement of playing on the legendary turf at cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens this summer. On June 5, the Northampton Saints will host their Corporate Touch rugby tournament, offering a fantastic afternoon of team-building through rugby. Businesses from across the region are gearing up to compete on the main pitch at the Gardens. The day will feature a BBQ and DJ, providing plenty of opportunities for interaction, bonding, and networking with colleagues, friends, and other businesses. Each team must consist of ten players, including a minimum of two women. Teams will compete for the latest piece of silverware, playing at least four matches throughout the afternoon. There are still spots available for you and your colleagues to join the tournament. Here are the details: Saints Corporate Touch 2024 Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024 Time: 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM Location: Main Pitch, cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens Price:..

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17th May 2024

Discover the magic of Bailey White Photography

Meet Alex Bailey, the heart and soul behind Bailey White Photography, a beloved Northamptonshire photography business specialising in family, newborn, and branding photos. Known for her warm and welcoming personality, Alex is particularly gifted in working with little ones, making her photo sessions a delightful experience for families. As Bailey White Photography recently celebrated its second anniversary, we caught up with Alex to learn more about her journey, passion, and exciting plans for the future. Hi Alex! Tell us a bit about Bailey White Photography. I launched Bailey White Photography in April 2022, right after my maternity leave. It all started as a small idea that blossomed into a full-fledged business. Photography has always been a passion of mine, a hobby I’ve cherished growing up. When my friend gifted us a photo shoot after the birth of my little boy, I realised how uncomfortable it can be to pose for..

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26th Mar 2024

Flying the flag for a safe and vibrant night time economy in Northampton

Northampton’s commitment to creating a dynamic, secure and vibrant evening and night time economy has been formally recognised with the confirmation of its Purple Flag accreditation. Mark Mullen, operations manager at Northampton Town Centre Business Improvement District (BID) was on hand to collect the globally recognised award at a ceremony in Nottingham, alongside Charlie Childs, Markets and Urban Activities Manager at West Northamptonshire Council. This prestigious award highlights Northampton's blend of night time entertainment, dining, and culture, all while ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and visitors. Purple Flag, similar to the Blue Flag for beaches, aims to raise the standard and broaden the appeal of town and city centres between the hours of 5pm to 5am. There are 100 Purple Flag destinations around the world including everything from world renowned tourist destinations to small market towns. Northampton Town Centre BID has worked closely with multiple partners, including West..

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20th Mar 2024

Record number of teams sign up for the Franklins £50 Challenge

A record number of teams have signed up for a charity challenge to raise funds for eight charities from across Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. The Apprentice-style fundraising challenge, organised by local legal firm Franklins Solicitors LLP, has a total of 42 teams taking part – the highest number since the challenge first launched in 2018. Teams have already started their fundraising efforts with initiatives ranging from doughnut sales to raffles, dress down days, net-walks and office swear boxes. The Apprentice-style fundraising challenge sees each team receive £50 from Franklins Solicitors. The teams then have three months to turn the seed funding into more money for their chosen charity. Since it began in 2018, the Franklins £50 Challenge has raised more than £100,000 for local charities, showcasing the potential for collective efforts to bring about meaningful transformation. The eight charities benefitting from this year’s challenge are Cynthia Spencer Hospice, the Hope..

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15th Feb 2024

Options if your former partner is not complying with a child arrangement order

Facing a breach of a child arrangement order (CAO) after parental separation can be distressing. This article guides on handling non-compliance, from direct communication to court enforcement, and explores the financial implications in such scenarios, with expert legal advice. A child arrangement order (sometimes referred to as a CAO) is a court order which stipulates the contact arrangements for a child following parental separation. This type of court order is normally only needed when parents cannot reach agreement between themselves on what is best for their child. ‘Breach of a child arrangement order can cause distress for a parent, but also results instability for children. At times it can even mean children are not permitted to see one of their parents, so it is important to understand your options when a breach occurs,’ says Connor Williams, a Litigation Executive in the family team with Borneo Martell Turner Coulston. What is..

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09th Jan 2024

What should you consider when buying new energy efficient windows and doors...

Anyone who is considering replacing doors or windows in their homes may feel overwhelmed by the process and the various, options, advice and claims made by different companies. So, what should you look out for when researching? How do you know that the claims which are being made are true, and what are the key things to look out for? Knowing the answers to questions can make a real difference in making the right decision for such a large investment. As the best product, fitted in the right way can save consumers hundreds every year in energy bills – but getting it wrong can be very costly. Here are some of the key things to check: Does the company have independent accreditations and can they prove it ? It is always best to check the company’s independent accreditations. For example, the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) are the leading consumer..

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07th Nov 2023

Adultery and divorce advice from Wilson Browne Solicitors

If David Beckham did have an affair, would it be relevant to divorce proceedings? In the spotlight, the Beckham saga raises questions about alleged affairs. Since ‘no-fault’ divorce’s introduction, the landscape has transformed, eliminating the need for blame. Ed Rawlins from Wilson Browne Solicitors unravels the impact and broader implications of these changes on today’s divorcing couples. In a four-part TV series, titled ‘Beckham’, ‘Posh’ addressed the speculation that David allegedly had an affair while he was playing for Real Madrid. The questions is…Did he? Didn’t he? Is there any evidence, or is it all media speculation? Before 6th April 2022 adultery was a fact that could be relied upon to issue divorce proceedings – if it was admitted or there was evidence that it had taken place. However, since then ‘no fault’ divorce has been introduced. The traditional process for divorce entailed one party providing a specific reason for..

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02nd Nov 2023

Northampton charities set to benefit from Franklins Solicitors £50 Challenge

Four Northamptonshire-based charities are set to benefit from an Apprentice-style fundraising challenge, organised by Franklins Solicitors LLP. Cynthia Spencer Hospice and the Hope Centre have once again been selected to benefit from the challenge and two new Northampton-based charities – The Lewis Foundation and Northamptonshire Community Foundation – have been chosen to gain valuable funds from the challenge in 2024. The challenge sees each participating team receive an initial £50 seed funding from Franklins Solicitors, a prominent legal firm with offices in Northampton and Milton Keynes. Each team then has three months to turn the £50 seed funding into substantial funds for their chosen charity however they choose – anything from bake sales to barbecues, auctions, car washes and more. Since it began in 2018, the Franklins £50 Challenge has raised more than £100,000 for local charities, showcasing the potential for collective efforts to bring about meaningful transformation. The 2024..

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31st Oct 2023

Playful Beginnings: A Year of Success with Gray & Moo

Gray & Moo is a family-run luxury soft play business that has been taking Northamptonshire by storm over the past year. We spoke to the owner Niki to find out a bit more about the business, how it became such a success, and what we can expect to see in the future... Hi Niki! Tell us a bit about Gray & Moo and what inspired you to start this business? Absolutely! Gray & Moo is a family-run luxury soft play business based in Wellingborough. We provide premium play equipment for children's parties, weddings, christenings, and various events. I started this venture about a year ago as a passion project, bringing a creative touch to my life, given my background in marketing and PR. It began as a weekend hobby but quickly took off, and now I've provided soft play for over 100 local events. Congratulations on celebrating your first year!..

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06th Sep 2023

How do we deal with our mortgage during a divorce...

Untangling the emotional threads of a relationship during a divorce is challenging, but unraveling the financial knots, particularly when it comes to shared assets like a home, can feel daunting. The family home, a symbol of shared dreams and memories, suddenly becomes a pressing financial concern. With fluctuations in the economy and the ever-looming cost-of-living crisis, many separating couples find themselves pondering: ‘What happens to our mortgage now?’ Navigating this delicate terrain requires understanding, clarity, and timely advice. Let’s delve into the options and considerations you need to keep in mind. With interest rates and the cost-of-living crisis in the headlines daily, mortgage affordability is a concern for many homeowners, not least for couples who are separating and wondering how this will affect their mortgage arrangements. ‘Most couples prefer to negotiate a clean financial break so that they have no ongoing financial ties, but if you have a joint mortgage,..

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06th Sep 2023

A guide to maternity errors with Wilson Browne Solicitors

Navigating the complexities of medical negligence can be overwhelming. In this article, Wilson Browne solicitors delve deep into the realm of clinical negligence in maternity care. From the heartbreak of stillbirths to the long-term consequences of birth injuries, they underscore the importance of understanding and addressing the tragic repercussions of subpar medical care. Offering guidance on potential legal recourse, this is a must-read for those seeking clarity and justice in such grievous situations. It seems like hardly a month goes by without another news story where people have not received the medical care and attention they needed. Whether it’s diagnosis and treatment for cancer, or sad situations involving care during pregnancy or childbirth, it never makes for good reading, but what do we mean when we talk about Medical Negligence (aka Clinical Negligence)? Medical negligence can occur during any interaction a patient has with a medical professional when care falls..

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