Northampton High School GDST Celebrates Stellar GCSE Results

Posted 25th August 2023

Amidst laughter, excitement, and tears of joy, the Senior School foyer at Northampton High School GDST resonated with the celebratory mood of students rejoicing their GCSE achievements. This Year 11 group shined exceptionally, even as the public exams returned to their pre-pandemic grading criteria without any exam board mitigation.

The school beams with pride, marking an increase in top-tier results – a striking 22% in grade levels above those of 2019. An impressive 42% of the results were at the highest tier, grades 9/8 (equivalent to A*). Furthermore, over half the students, 56%, secured 6 or more GCSEs graded between 9-7. Overall, grades between 9-5 matched 2019 standards, while the top grades (9-6) surpassed expectations compared to previous years.

Dr. May Lee, the School’s Head, lauded the students and faculty, stating, “In light of media speculation about a potential decline in GCSE grades, the results showcase the dedication and brilliance of our teaching community and students. Our Year 11 pupils deserve every accolade. Today marks the day they savour the results of their persistent hard work.”

The current academic year signals a thrilling phase for Northampton High. The institution is set to host one of its most significant Year 12 student intakes in years, with many displaying exceptional grades. Notably, over 60% achieved grades between 9-7, setting a new school record. Furthermore, a commendable 37% of these students attained grades between 9-6 across all subjects. These outcomes reflect not just the students’ determination but also the unwavering support from teachers and parents, forming the backbone of Northampton High’s splendid performance this year.

Engaging with these students has been a rewarding experience. Their determination, paired with the school’s ethos and commitment, culminated in exemplary academic performance. The majority are primed to commence their A Levels, and the school eagerly anticipates their return for the Sixth Form sessions.

In addition to those soaring in academics and preparing for A Level challenges, the school also celebrates the stories of students who triumphed over obstacles to achieve personal successes, exemplifying the determination, passion, and resilience of our school community.

We’re filled with pride for the holistic accomplishments of our students, both in academics and their broader participation in Northampton High’s diverse programs. Juggling numerous GCSEs while actively partaking in co- and supra-curricular activities speaks volumes of their dedication and poise. As they transition to the Sixth Form, the school looks forward with enthusiasm to their continued growth and accomplishments.