Northampton High School GDST’s Stellar Achievement Amidst Challenging Times

Posted 17th August 2023

In a remarkable achievement, Northampton High School GDST students have broken a school record, attaining top grades even as media speculations hinted at a drop in scores due to examination boards returning to pre-pandemic standards.

The results speak volumes about their dedication and hard work:

  • 12% of results at A* grade.
  • Over 44% within the A*-A grade range.
  • Over 76% falling under the A*-B grade bracket.

This year’s A Level students have showcased commendable commitment, and the cohesive support they’ve lent to each other is evident in these results. The profound appreciation they harbor for their teachers’ expertise and devotion cannot be overlooked. Indeed, the school’s guiding principle, ‘believing in each and every one of our girls as they believe in themselves’, is deeply embodied in their success.

Many of these students have outdone themselves, which is evident from the fact that over 70% have secured a spot in their top-choice university. Remarkably, amidst challenges, over 60% have gained entry to elite Russell Group Universities and medical schools. A noteworthy mention: six students are set to pursue Medicine at esteemed institutions across Hull, York, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Southampton, and Sunderland.

Northampton High School student with headteacher
Head Girl Chelsea celebrates a fantastic set of results (A Star, A, A) with Head, Dr May Lee

Highlighting the diverse interests of Northampton High students, a few notable university course selections include:

  • Roseanna B. – Physics with Astrophysics at Bristol
  • Isobel D. – Anthropology and Archaeology at Durham
  • Chelsea H. – European Politics at King’s College London … and several other impressive choices spanning across the spectrum from Fashion Contour to Chinese Studies.

The school takes pride in not just catering to the brightest minds but also in passionately guiding those facing academic challenges. A standout mention for 12 students, making up 24% of the cohort, who achieved three or more A*/A grades at A Level.

Bidding adieu to the exceptional Class of 2023, we recognize their contributions to both the school and the broader community. They embark on their next chapter with Northampton High’s enduring support and best wishes.

Dr. May Lee, the school’s Head, encapsulated the sentiment: “The dedication of our students shines through in their results. Their accomplishments are testament not just to their hard work but also the school’s fostering of a growth mindset. The diverse courses our students will be undertaking highlight our curriculum’s vast scope and our unwavering support in their academic and career pursuits. Northampton High stands firmly on the belief that every student should be primed for top universities. The collective efforts of our students, faculty, and parents have borne fruit. Witnessing their enduring optimism and tenacity, I am nothing short of proud.”

Dr. Lee adds, “I hope many will join our growing GDST alumni community, allowing us to continue celebrating their milestones in the future. Wishing them the very best.”