Local Champion: GG Express Farm Shop in Woodford Celebrates Northamptonshire Produce

Posted 12th September 2023

A farm shop, stocking the best of British produce, including an excellent range of fine food and drink from Northamptonshire, has opened in Woodford, near Thrapston.

GG Express Farm Shop is the brainchild of the Greedy Gordons Group, who previously brought to life the acclaimed Buttery Café at this same picturesque location just a year ago. This fresh venture has breathed life into the local community and provided eight new employment opportunities.

The stalwarts behind the Greedy Gordons Group, directors Richard Gordon and Sonya Freeman, have left their indelible mark with award-winning pubs such as The Red Lion at Cranford, The Pig & Waffle in Grafton Underwood, and The Snooty Fox in Lowick. The farm shop’s intriguing name is derived from the company’s home delivery initiative, born during the challenging days of the Covid-19 pandemic. This service was not only a lifeline for many but also clinched the ‘Local Food Hero Award’ in recognition of its unparalleled support to the community and local suppliers.

Set in the heart of a lovingly converted barn at Manor House Farm, the shop houses a variety of offerings: from an in-house butchery with delectable steaks and piri piri chicken to a remarkable charcuterie and cheese assortment. Avid shoppers can also find a selection of ‘Greedy Gordons Express’ in-house crafted goods ranging from Scotch eggs and pies to homemade confections.

Inside the GG Express Farm Shop & Buttery
Local champions: GG Express Farm Shop stocks an excellent range of British produce, including from a wide range of wonderful Northamptonshire producers

Richard Gordon, the group’s managing director, shared his enthusiasm: “Our newly opened farm shop is truly a haven for food enthusiasts. We’re immensely proud to back local and British artisans, presenting a plethora of top-notch produce catering to diverse palates, from everyday meals to more lavish gatherings.” He further emphasized the synergy between the GG Express Farm Shop and The Buttery Café, noting the latter’s reputation as the preferred destination for delightful repasts throughout the day.

In a bid to bolster county produce, the group has collaborated with MIN (Made in Northamptonshire), ensuring a bounty of locally-sourced products such as preserves from Friar’s Farm, Brixworth Pâté, and many more. Managed by Melanie Ingram, previously the deli manager at Beckworth Emporium, the shop boasts gourmet ready meals, indulgent chocolates, and a rich tapestry of drinks from renowned local and international suppliers.

In addition to its culinary delights, GG Express Farm Shop promises to be a hub for the festive season, unveiling decorations, gifts, and workshops at The Buttery Café. Upcoming amenities include a click and collect service, and come next year, the farm shop will take pride in its own produce from in-house allotments.

Concluding with a glimpse of future plans, Richard Gordon revealed enticing offers across Greedy Gordons venues, a loyalty app, and a unique ski chalet experience at The Red Lion in Cranford. “We’re gearing up for a season of festivities, with splendid menus and events, eager to help our patrons craft cherished memories throughout 2023,” he remarked.

To find out more visit: www.ggexpresswoodford.co.uk