Join the ‘Pallets of Hope’ Campaign to help those facing hardship in Northamptonshire this Christmas

Posted 10th September 2023

This festive season, a heartwarming initiative called Pallets of Hope is set to brighten the lives of those facing hardship in Northamptonshire, thanks to a collaboration between Franklins Solicitors, Northants Food Reach, Hope Centre, and His Church charity.

The campaign’s goal aims to raise funds for a minimum of 11 pallets of food, warm clothing, and gifts, all destined for individuals and families in Northamptonshire who are in need. These essential supplies will be distributed during the festive season, ensuring that as many people as possible can enjoy a special Christmas.

The 11 pallets, packed with necessities such as food, warm clothes and gifts, will be dispatched to Hope Centre’s various locations across Northamptonshire by the end of November. Key delivery points include Hope Centre’s Homeless Centre at Oasis House and their Community Larders. Through the invaluable support of His Church, an emergency goods redistribution charity, each pallet can be secured with a £500 pallet administration donation, which includes delivery. Remarkably, each pallet carries a retail value of £2,500.

The Pallets of Hope campaign sets an ambitious fundraising target of a minimum of £5,500, which will enable them to secure and distribute all 11 pallets with a combined retail value of £27,500.

Kyra Williams, Marketing Manager at Hope Centre, expressed the urgency of this campaign, stating: “Due to the rising cost of living, we have seen a drop in donations and, at the same time, an unprecedented increase in the demand for our services. This means that the support of local businesses and other community groups has never been more important, so that we can continue to help as many people as possible, particularly through these coming winter months.”

Andrea Smith, Equity Partner at Franklins Solicitors LLP, emphasised the power of collective action, saying: “We’re urging businesses to unite in this campaign to help ease the financial burden for struggling local families this Christmas. Through our partnership with His Church charity, we are able to secure pallets of essential household items for a fraction of the retail cost – meaning donations go much further.”

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