Live music in Northampton this July

Posted 11th July 2024

Just three shows for you this month under the SBD banner, but they are all goodies, starting with Darnell Cole & The Vibe (July 19).

Southern California based, he has earned his touring legs travelling the world with artists including Walter Trout and Iron Butterfly.
The self-styled independent Blues King released his debut long-player, A Man of Soul late last year, and is following that by touring hard to share the sounds, continuing his mission to spread the gospel of rock, soul and positivity.

His Northampton return follows a particularly memorable debut in our town. This time, as then, he will fill the ears of ticket holders at The Black Prince with infectious rhythms, soulful melodies and groovy tunes.

Start the weekend the right way, by spending Friday night with Darnell. Get along nice and early and you’ll see Harrison Hood too.
A bloody great night is planned for July 25, when Blood Club x Bloody/Bath play the venue.

The former are post-punk inspired, taking influences from each member’s latin roots. The ensuing delivery is therefore peppered with an original, multilingual sound.

The band debuted in 2022 and enticed thousands of listeners in quick time, performing in their locality of Chicago.

Frontman and Blood Club founder Jess Flores is joined in play in this new three piece by guitarist Jorge Calderton and bassist Daniel Vela, and naturally they hope that their appeal will be just as enticing on this side of the pond, as it is at home.
Sounds like?

‘Using minor key tonality, heavy synths and introspective lyrics, Jesse uses the occasional touch of Spanish in his songwriting as well to create a hybrid genre of dark wave that has romantic, but dark undertones.’

Joining the plasma party will be Blood Club’s spiritual brothers, and ‘fampton faves Bloody/Bath.

The perfect antidote to disposable wishy-washy drear, Bloody/Bath are feverish and bewitching, with Kailan’s lyrics laying bare his personal battle with crippling depression and anxiety, which they say is ‘a story of someone lost in their own head, imprisoned in a waking experience of sleep paralysis.’

The guitars are nostalgic, the bass thumps and the drums hit hard amongst an ominous atmosphere.
Show by show the band is winning over new ears and is turning into something of a cult favourite on the scene.

Their debut EP, All Love Unfelt, was released last year and aided that process. Once lo-fi indie rockers, that release was a revelation, as they successfully transformed into a spaced out post-punk collective. And when a certain Iggy Pop and Steve Lamacq are on side, you know you are doing something right.

The quintet, who have stage-shared with Buzzcocks and Topographies this year, will issue their debut album, In An Empty Space, I’m Screaming in October.

The Northampton date is being hosted over at The Lab on Charles Street, and Potwash will open the night.
A late addition to the schedule, Obey Cobra will play for you on July 27.

Hailing from the Welsh underground scene, they took inspiration from the psychedelic sounds of times past, but also infused a modern edge to deliver a sound distinct to them.

Let’s put it another way; ‘Their musical style is always experimental, blending post punk and kosmische sensibilities with electronic industrial sounds, forming the backdrop for (vocalist) K Wood to deliver spoken word, pop crooning and rage-fuelled vocal performances.’
Sounds like the show with it all.

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