The Aliens are coming…

Posted 11th July 2024

Aliens will invade The Black Prince on July 12, when the original 70s punk players rock up to play their recent album, Nothing Much to Lose in its entirety.

The Aliens, from that far flung place called Wellingborough, came, conquered and disappeared soon thereafter, having made an impact on the local scene for their retro, sci-fi and rowdy punk.

That album we just mentioned has taken a whopping 45 years to materialise, and last for just 33 minutes – the band say it means they don’t overstay their welcome.

‘Typical of the genre in which they operate, you won’t find any cliched ‘70s rock pop and excess here; this is punk rock that could emanate from any garage up and down the land.

‘But what this album lacks in finesse, it more than makes up for in lyrical astuteness and a brand of punk that could rival the Buzzcocks at their buzzsaw best,’ is the promise.

Post punk and indie merchants Joy Disposal Unit will also play for you, and they come armed with a smidgen of doom.

Tickets for this White Elephant Records bash are a fiver in advance, £8 on the door.