Jump into action: Cransley Hospice Trust’s inflatable 5K invites you to bounce your way to making a difference

Posted 29th August 2023

Cransley Hospice Trust is thrilled to infuse a spirited lift into charitable giving with their upcoming Inflatable 5K—guaranteed to be this year’s most entertaining and adrenaline-pumping 5K experience.

Located in Kettering and dedicated to end-of-life care, Cransley Hospice Trust warmly welcomes both teams and solo participants to put their bouncing skills to the test on the planet’s largest inflatable course. The event will be held on Saturday, October 7th, at Huntingdon Racecourse.

Come participate in a 5K like no other and mark 25 incredible years since the founding of Cransley Hospice. This event celebrates the countless patients and families they’ve had the honour to support throughout their history.

By taking part in this high-energy Inflatable 5K, you’ll make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients facing complex end-of-life symptoms, as well as offer solace and practical help to their families navigating emotional and logistical challenges.

Louise Gurney, the Community Fundraising and Events Development Manager, expressed her excitement: “We couldn’t be happier to unveil this novel event, which is already garnering enthusiasm among our community. It’s a wonderfully inclusive event, ideal for groups, coworkers, and individuals alike. We’re encouraging everyone to contribute to the fundraising efforts for the hospice, as it requires approximately £755 per day to maintain our daily operations. Each donation goes a long way in enabling us to continue delivering crucial services to patients and their families when they need it most.”

People of all age groups are invited to join this bouncing escapade at Huntingdon Racecourse. It’s a fabulous chance to enjoy yourselves, forge lasting memories, and contribute to a noble cause.

Unite to make a tangible difference, one joyful bounce at a time. Together, we can fund and fortify end-of-life care services in North Northamptonshire for another quarter-century.

To register or for more details on the event, please check out Cransley Hospice’s Inflatable 5K event page or reach out to the fundraising team at 03000 274040.