SBD strike the right Chords

Posted 29th August 2023

In the late 1970’s, The Chords issued singles including Maybe Tomorrow and Something’s Missing which did well as part of the mod revival.

Fans included some fella called Weller, the band recorded Peel Sessions, and Sham ‘69 founder Jimmy Pursey signed them to his production company.

But three years after inception the good times soured; musical fashions were changing and The Chords responded to the downturn by disbanding.

A live album, recorded in 1980, was cut loose in 1986, tellingly titled No One’s Listening Anymore. But by 2010 The Chords’ members decided the time was ripe to reconvene, and they are still active today with the original line-up, which is quite something. Seemingly, people are listening after all.

The Chords aren’t just about basking in the past, mind you – they’ve got plenty to say, and play. You can check that directly when the band plays The Black Prince for SBD Promotions on September 8.

Support comes from Mad Mods and Englishmen, who will roll out classic tracks by artists including The Kinks, Rolling Stones, Spencer Davis and loads more. No filler, all killer.

The delightfully monikered Carsick ‘heave’ themselves in for a date on September 24.
The quartet released its debut EP, Drunk Hymns a couple of months back through Alcopop! Records, following a trio of single releases last year.

Sound-wise? You’ll have a problem putting these in a box – they take influence from indie rock to post-punk and hip-hop, and splatter that with electronic moments.
‘…their tongue-in-cheek lyrical approach directly tackles the trials and tribulations of life as a young adult, and especially the drinking culture which dominates the band’s demographic,’ is the PR word.

Theirs is music about living for the weekend, which is something we can all identify with.
Indie-punk duo Regal Cheer are on the bill too. The Brighton boys ‘make punk for people with no time to waste, channelling relatable daily gripes of the 9-5 life.’

They aren’t lying about the urgency of their music either – they released their debut album at the top of the year, and Cans comprised 10 tracks with a total airing time of 17 minutes. We like that.

Short, snappy, punk nuggets to indulge in. Don’t blink when they take the stage, or you might miss ‘em.
InMe frontman Dave McPherson steps out for one of his solo shows at the venue on September 29, with the promise that some of his band’s tunes will figure among the set list, together with tracks lifted from his upcoming solo album, Owed Odes. The odd curveball might also be thrown in for good measure.

Allan Purvis has bagged the opening slot for that gig.
Last up this month, a chance to turn the clocks back and the volume up for The Big ‘80s Party on September 30, with two rooms of 80s delight.

Music will come from Gary Numan tribute The Liquid Engineers, and The Sound of the Crowd will whip up synth-pop and electro songs from the early 80s. DJs Dean Graves, Steve Facer and Alex Novak will spin the sweet stuff.

Tickets and more info for all shows can be accessed by tapping to