What should you consider when buying new energy efficient windows and doors?

Posted 9th January 2024

Anyone who is considering replacing doors or windows in their homes may feel overwhelmed by the process and the various, options, advice and claims made by different companies.

So, what should you look out for when researching? How do you know that the claims which are being made are true, and what are the key things to look out for? Knowing the answers to questions can make a real difference in making the right decision for such a large investment. As the best product, fitted in the right way can save consumers hundreds every year in energy bills – but getting it wrong can be very costly.

Here are some of the key things to check:

Does the company have independent accreditations and can they prove it ?
It is always best to check the company’s independent accreditations. For example, the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) are the leading consumer accreditation for energy efficiency testing, so make sure they are part of the scheme.

The Police-Approved Secured by Design is critical for security. Made in Great Britain for UK-based approved manufacturing, and Which? for complete peace of mind, as they validate company’s finances every year. It’s also worth checking that the company is fully verified on each site by checking online.

Has the company won any national awards?

Look out for national awards like the G-Awards, which rewards excellence in the glass and glazing industry. These are independent awards where companies go through rigorous testing for manufacturing and installation. Being a winner or finalist demonstrates that a company is at the top of their game and worth investing in.

Do they manufacture their own products as well as install them?

It is incredibly beneficial for the consumer if the company both manufactures and installs their products. This ensures that there is only one company responsible for the whole process. So should anything go wrong the responsibility lies with one party, and the blame cannot be passed – which unfortunately happens all too often in the glazing industry.

Does the company employ its own installers?

If the answer is ‘no’ and the company relies on sub-contractors, who will likely be paid per frame, then look for alternatives. A company which employs its own team of installers will work on getting it right first time, rather cutting corners but trying to install as quickly as possible.

Make sure you view the products before making a decision?

For most companies, a design consultant may visit your home. It’s vitally important you view the products before purchasing such a large investment. Having a detailed demonstration of the product before you buy will allow you to understand what you are purchasing and all the features and benefits. It’s even better if the company has a showroom, as it’s a great way of seeing more variety, comparing different styles, options and colours so you make the right decision to suit your property.

Always check how long the company has been trading

There are companies who have a habit of closing and opening again, and again, so it makes sense to use one with a trusted reputation built up over decades of uninterrupted trading. Check online to see how long a company has been trading for and ask for testimonials from previous clients.

What guarantees and what finance options do they offer?

A well-established company will offer an unconditional 10-year guarantee, so check that everything is covered within it.
Also check to see if they offer a range of finance options including interest free, or low deposits up to ten years. The most secure companies will be regulated by the FCA (financial conduct authority) and will able to offer the maximum Home Improvement loan value of £50,000 – so it’s good to check, as this alone also demonstrates their financial stability.

Where do you start?

Buying windows can be a bit of a mine field, that’s why you should always do your research and ask an expert. Award-winning T&K Home Improvements have had 44 years in the industry manufacturing and installing Windows, Doors and Living Spaces for over 60,000 satisfied customers. Their products are manufactured on site and their team of experts are available to give free advice.

Alternatively, you can book a show site or factory tour. To find out more visit www.tkhi.co.uk or call 0800 622 716