The secret to getting an Instagrammable bathroom with design specialist Ripples

Posted 9th January 2024

The proper lighting, colour palette and space-saving design elements all help create a bathroom that you will not only want to shout about but contribute towards creating an environment that you rush to retreat to after a very demanding day. Erin White Designer at Ripples Towcester offers all the inspiration you need, along with practical advice on how to get that Instagrammable bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Since bathrooms are designed to be a place of relaxation, integrating a minimalistic design can work well in achieving this goal. To incorporate a touch of luxe, brushed brass fixtures and fittings are a great place to start, from the taps and shower, all the way through to the toilet roll holder and vanity handles.

When it comes to colour schemes, there are many choices. Gentle neutral hues highlight the spa-like atmosphere, whilst bold and vibrant colours provide a more visually compelling setting. A modern, polished look may also be achieved in the bathroom by using tiles, whether they are used as accents or from floor to wall.

During the darker months, it can be challenging to preserve natural light, which isn’t ideal for those idyllic photo opportunities. The natural lighting in the room can be further enhanced by adding a few extra light sources, such as pendants and wall lamps. Within the vanity drawers and on sensors beneath cabinets, LED strip lighting can be installed for extra ambience.

Another eye-catching addition to any design would be a storage niche. Whether placed within the shower or along the walls, a niche offers a practical and stylish way to showcase your favourite toiletries. Freestanding bathtubs provide a smooth, modern appearance and ample space for washing young children or enjoying a long soak, all while guaranteeing the room’s seamless performance.

Naturally, features like underfloor heating are not actively visible, but they nonetheless contribute to the room’s opulent feel. It not only provides warmth but also works to prevent puddles and water splashes.

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