Strictly Northampton breaks fundraising records by surpassing £60,000 for Cynthia Spencer Hospice

Posted 29th November 2023

In a dazzling showcase of talent and compassion, 36 couples graced the stage on Saturday 25th November for the annual Strictly Northampton event. The show has broken records by raising an extraordinary £61,707.47 for Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

Organized by professional dancer Andrzej Mialkowski, this year marked the event’s biggest show in its 12-year history.

Photography by Martin Farmer

Andrzej expressed his appreciation sharing: “This is the most we’ve ever raised, and I’m so proud of all the contestants who poured their passion and dedication into this cause. Their commitment has not only over-taken previous records, but has also made a significant difference to Cynthia Spencer. Year after year, we witness the efforts of our contestants and professionals, who not only excel in fundraising but also shine brightly in their tireless rehearsals.

“It’s an annual cycle of surpassing expectations and pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible. Together, we are making a difference, not just in the amount raised but in the lives touched and the lasting impact on Cynthia Spencer.”

Photography by Martin Farmer

Jenny Standen, Community Fundraiser for Cynthia Spencer said: “We are so bowled away here at Cynthia Spencer Hospice charity, we can’t believe how much the contestants have raised.  This is the best ever Strictly Northampton!  Thankyou to everyone involved, your money will make a huge difference to our patients!’

The star-studded evening featured distinguished guest judges, adding an extra layer of glamour and expertise to the event. Judges included renowned professional dancer and choreographer AJ Pritchard, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Jo Banham, Managing Director of Chelton Brown Sali Brown, and Salsa queen Jennifer Benavidez.

Photography by Martin Farmer

The contestants, fuelled by their passion for the cause, went all-out to ensure they could raise as much in donations as possible. Fundraising events leading up to the grand showcase included activities such as raffles, bingo nights, curry evenings, pampering sessions, disco evenings, and lots of other creative initiatives. The collective efforts not only demonstrated commitment to the cause, but also engaged the community in a series of fun events.

The evening was opened with an impressive routine from the professional dancers, followed by an introduction of the 36 couples. Six groups took to the stage to showcase their Tango, Waltz, Jive, Cha-Cha and Salsa, along with their own freestyle routine.

Photography by Martin Farmer

The success of Strictly Northampton was not only a night of impressive dance performances, but also a heartfelt initiative that will leave a lasting positive impact on Cynthia Spencer Hospice and the community it serves.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in making the event such a huge success!