Pubs and cafes with Wi-Fi in Northamptonshire

Posted 17th September 2023

Are you looking for a cosy spot to get some work done whilst enjoying a great coffee and some tasty food? Well look no further! Here are some friendly cafes and work-friendly venues in Northamptonshire that offer more than just a comfortable workspace.

Saints Coffee

The popular coffee shop is a favourite amongst workers. With delicious food and instagrammable decor, it’s no surprise that customers love heading here to work and dine (us included!). They have free Wi-Fi which means you can get your job done whilst ordering coffee and tasty food all day, win-win.

Chester House Café

If you fancy working whilst being surrounded by incredible views then head to Chester House. Their café has Wi-Fi and they serve some delicious food. Grab a lunch menu and order some local favourites such as jacket potatoes and a homemade cake.

No.68 Coffeehouse

The stylish coffeehouse is based in Abington and has free Wi-Fi along with delicious cakes. It’s a great little place to have a coffee and get your head down. The chilled vibe will also make you feel like you’re stress-free and is the perfect place to feel relaxed when you need to catch up on work.

Fox & Hounds, Kingsthorpe

The Fox & Hounds in Kingsthorpe is a fantastic pub to use as a work space. They offer a menu, tea and coffee refills, and there’s plenty of table space to create your ideal work-from-home setup.


Esquires in Northampton is another local coffeeshop where you can get in work mode whilst ordering your favourite coffee. They have plenty of space so you can nestle yourself away in the corner to get your work done. Just ask them for the Wi-Fi code and they’ll be happy to assist.

Ten Hands Café

In Towcester, Ten Hands Café is a haven for homemade cakes, coffee, and delectable meals to fuel your workday. Whether you prefer breakfast, brunch, or lunch, this cosy café has it all. Their friendly staff will make sure your coffee cup is never empty.

Fat Fugu Lounge

Nestled just off St Giles Street, Fat Fugu Lounge offers a unique and quirky setting for your workday. With a variety of food and drinks and the convenience of Wi-Fi, it’s a fantastic choice for those seeking an alternative workspace.

Heart Of The Shires

For a change of pace, visit the Heart of the Shires. Their Pavilion offers Wi-Fi and a picturesque setting where you can enjoy the view of stunning shops. After your work is done, why not treat yourself to a little shopping?

Brampton Halt

The Brampton Halt offers Wi-Fi both indoors and outdoors. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy some sunshine while surrounded by greenery. Their menu includes a wide range of options, from nibbles to desserts, ensuring you have both a productive and delicious day.

Whitehills, Kingsthorpe

The Whitehills pub in Kingsthorpe has reopened its gardens and provides Wi-Fi for guests, both indoors and outdoors. You can explore their diverse drink selection and enjoy a menu featuring sharers, skewers, mains, burgers, lunches, and more.