Please help to support frontline NHS staff and patients through the coronavirus pandemic

Posted 15th April 2020

Northamptonshire Health Charity are appealing for donations to support our amazing local hospitals and NHS staff, to help fund additional  resources  to aid our hospitals in delivering the specialist care needed throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Your donations will help ensure our busy frontline staff have access to food and drink while on shift and the additional resources will make a difference to our patients’ hospital stay and give them the best chance of recovery.  In these unprecedented times we need the help of our community more than ever.

The charity supports Northampton General Hospital as well as all of the community and mental health hospitals and services across Northamptonshire.  All of our NHS staff are working tirelessly through this so we want to do everything we can to help them be prepared for the impact of Covid-19.   With hospital clinical teams working longer hours and some members retraining in order to help with extra patients, our NHS colleagues are working around the clock, putting others first and providing the expertise that they are known for.  What can we do to help?

We want to provide the following:

Food packages for frontline staff and the teams who run our hospitals, some are restricted to where they can eat their lunches, sometimes not always having time for a break due to the high demands on their time as they work tirelessly to help the patients.  These teams include; Nurses, Doctors, Estates, Porters, Catering, Domestics, PALS and Bereavement services.

Tablets for patients to have the chance of seeing the faces of their loved ones at a time they need familiarity, love and support but no visitors are allowed at this time.  Some patients are receiving end of life care so the importance of being in contact with family could not be more vital.

Basic need packs for frontline staff using alternative accommodation near the hospital because they can’t go home;as a family member is self-isolating, or their travel time to and from work is too lengthy.

You can help by making a donation online via our Just Giving page

Purchasing an item from our Amazon Wish List

Please donate to support our amazing hospitals and NHS staff. With your help we can make a difference together.