Northants Fitness Businesses Combat Stress with Free Fitness Day

Posted 2nd April 2024

Saturday 13th April will see two Northampton based Fitness Businesses run a free fitness day at Hardingstone Village Hall, as part of their aim to tackle the growing ‘stress related’ health problems faced by a growing number of people.

The fitness day, which will be run by ‘Prana Yoga’ and ‘Zumba with Chantal’, are offering free stress-busting taster sessions, for those that may have always wanted to try these types of exercise, but never quite got round to it.

Stress awareness month – which runs every April, has a new theme for 2024 which is #LittlebyLittle (a little becomes a lot) highlighting ‘the transformative impact of consistent, small positive actions on overall well-being’ – Stress Management Society.

Chantal-Lawren, owner of Zumba with Chantal said of the day: “We know that there are increasing numbers of people suffering every day with stress and we want to help by offering people the chance to try our classes for free and seeing if it’s something they enjoy if they’ve never considered it before.

“The Zumba classes I run are certainly feel-good ‘exercise in disguise’, the dance moves are very easy to follow, the music – inspired by Latin rhythms, gives you an immediate holiday vibe, and you find that everyone who attends is on the same page, they’re not taking themselves too seriously – and just having fun.”

The fitness day will also give people the chance to try out Yoga, known for its therapeutic qualities. A recent BMJ study found that yoga was as effective as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, both improving symptoms of depression by 55%!

Tracey, owner of Prana Yoga said “We’d love for people to come and try Yoga with us on the 13th April, whether they’re complete beginners or tried it before – you really don’t have to be flexible, strong, have all the right gear or be able to get into that ridiculously difficult ‘Instagrammable’ pose, it is really just a lovely thing to do for yourself.”

To find out more or to book your free space at Hardingstone Fitness Day please email