Gyms and classes to join this January in Northamptonshire

Posted 4th January 2024

Looking to kickstart your fitness in 2024? Lots of us look to start a new routine in January which includes eating healthier and getting fitter. Whether you’re looking for a new gym, a fitness class, or a fun dance class, these places have all got you covered.

Here are some gyms and classes in Northamptonshire that you can join this January…


Trilogy Gym

Trilogy Gym is made up of five gyms around Northampton – Duston, Danes Camp, Cripps, Lings Forum and The Mounts. Their membership allows you to attend all five gyms which includes classes, pools, health suites, gym equipment, and lots more. They have a huge range of classes and all of their gyms have equipment that will suit everyone. Find out more here.

ETC (Empowerment Training Centre)

ETC is a gym based on Freehold Street in Northampton. All members start on a 90 day program which allows you to monitor your fitness and work out your goals. They pride themselves on helping each ETC member achieve their fitness ambitions. Find out more here.

Chamber Gym

Based at Riverside, Chamber gym is another independent gym that has a large selection of classes and equipment for all fitness levels. They pride themselves on helping members mentally as well as physically. They have several classes that run all throughout the day. Find out more here.


BST is a popular leading MMA gym in Northampton. They have a designated area for 14 martial arts and now offer a free women’s self defence class. They’ve invested in the latest training equipment and have professionals on hand to help you hit your fitness goals.

Better Bodies

Better Bodies is another gym based on Freehold Street who have an extensive range of gym equipment. They have personal trainers and fitness instructors, who are available to guide, advise, and motivate you to keep you on track. Find out more about them here. 


The Sweat and Glow Club

The Sweat and Glow Club is a great class for you to get fit whilst having lots of fun. Each week has an upbeat theme such as Beyonce, Britney, 90’s hits, and many more. It’s the perfect place to meet likeminded people whilst dancing to your favourite tunes! Classes are £7 and run every Tuesday at Mode Studio in Nene Court. Follow Sweat and Glow on Instagram here.

Step by Step Dance

Why not learn a new skill whilst getting fit this year? Step by Step dance school teach dance lessons for all levels including Latin, ballroom, jazz, heels, and more. All the teachers are professional dancers that make you feel welcome, as well as helping to develop your confidence. They also have dance classes for the kids! Find out more about what they offer here.

Hips, Heels and Strut

A class surrounded by women, heels and sass. Hips, Heels and Strut is a heels dance class designed to empower women. It runs every Monday and is based at Soo Yoga. All levels are welcome and we guarantee you’ll leave the class with new found confidence. Find out more here.

Soo Yoga++++++++++

Soo Yoga is based at Sol Central in Northampton and they host a range of classes such as yoga, dance, pilates, HIIT, and lots more. They also offer pre and postnatal yoga as well as family classes.