Dancing for a Cause: Nikki’s Journey with Strictly Northampton to Support Cynthia Spencer Hospice

Posted 19th November 2023

With less than a week to go before the dazzling lights of Strictly Northampton illuminate the dance floor, we caught up with contestant Nikki to talk about why she signed up, how training is going, and what it means to raise money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice…

Hi Nikki! Thanks for joining us. Tell us why you decided to get involved with Strictly Northampton this year?

Absolutely! I actually applied both last year and this year, and I was thrilled to be able to get involved this year. I wanted to do something for Cynthia Spencer Hospice because they were incredible when my mum passed away in 2019. I’ve always wanted to give back to them, and this seemed like a fun way to do it. I had planned to volunteer for them after my mum passed, but then COVID hit. So, this year was the perfect timing.

My company CMC is a sponsor of Strictly Northampton. It used to be my mum and dad’s business and was passed down to us. Many people who have donated to my page are friends of the company who knew my mum. So, it feels right for us to be a sponsor for this year’s show.

What does it mean to you to be able to raise money for Cynthia Spencer?

It means a lot, especially after the care they provided – they helped us a lot as a family. They provided little care packages for my three kids. The team there are like angels. They took care of my mum so well during her time in the hospice.

The money I’m raising isn’t just from people I know personally—it’s also from those who knew my mum through the business. So, it’s about giving back to everyone who knew and loved her.

L-R: Nikki’s mum Sonia and Nikki’s fundraiser event at Jimmy’s Bar

How has your training been going for Strictly Northampton?

Oh, I absolutely love it! I’ve never really had a go-to hobby, and this has become that for me. I love it, and I’ll definitely be carrying it on. Dancing in front of everyone can be nerve-wracking, but it’s so much fun. I’ve calmed down now and am excited to enjoy the live show!

How have you been fundraising for the event?

I’ve held two events – a bingo evening as well as an event with a live band and a raffle. So far, I’ve raised £4,759, and I can’t thank everyone enough! It’s been lovely because all of us, both contestants and pro’s, have all been supporting each other

Every little bit helps, and I appreciate all the support!

What’s been the best thing about taking part in Strictly Northampton?

The best thing is giving back to Cynthia Spencer and learning something new. I’ve never danced in my life, and the fact that I’ll carry on and be able to give back to Cynthia Spencer is just fantastic. Plus, I’ve made a whole new circle of friends. It’s like a new family—everyone of different ages and all so supportive.

I’m most excited about seeing my friends and family there supporting me. I haven’t shown them any dances yet, so it’ll be a surprise for them. My eldest came to watch me at a beginners class months ago, so it’ll be great to show her what I’ve learned.

I also just want to say the biggest thank you to Andrzej and all of the professionals. They’ve all given up their time to help us train and to put on a good live show. It takes hard work and dedication and it’s all for an amazing cause!

Photography by Martin Farmer

You can donate to Nikki’s JustGiving page HERE.

Strictly Northampton takes part on 25th November at Royal & Derngate. The show is almost sold out but you can nab a last minute ticket HERE.