Construction coach advises Love Island winner

Posted 8th August 2023

An award-winning Northamptonshire business coach has been chosen to mentor Love Island winner Jess Hayes.

The reality TV star, who shot to fame in the first-ever series of the ITV2 show in 2015, is now in the process of setting up her own property business with fiancé Zeb.

Industry expert and construction coach Parm Bhangal has been working with the couple for the last six months, using his extensive knowledge of the property and construction industry to help them establish their company, putting essential systems and processes in place.

The company, Eminence Properties, is based in Oxfordshire and sees Jess, 30, and Zeb running a property sales business, which is slightly different to a conventional estate agency.

A mutual acquaintance put Jess and Zeb in touch with Parm and the trio, quickly hit it off.

Parm said: “Jess is a lovely person, and we get along really well. She is always open to new ideas and is open to new ideas and learning new skills. Jess really considers the information I give, takes it on board and implements the advice, which is rewarding for me as it means she will see much quicker results. She is always striving for better which makes her a great client to work with.”

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