Competition winner gets ‘eye-opening’ insight into life at award-winning optometrists

Posted 18th July 2023

The future of eye care is in “good hands” – according to one of the world’s leading contact lens specialists who has given a prize-winning student a taste of life working with patients at a cutting-edge independent optometrist in Northampton. 

Brian Tompkins, director of TK&S Optometrists in Kingsley Road, Northampton welcomed third-year Cardiff University student Deepika Khali for a two-day placement at the practice after she won a raffle prize offering the opportunity at her course’s ‘Eye Ball’ gala dinner. 

He said: “I always hope to instill passion, dedication and real heart into the students that we have here. I want every student that comes through our door to think differently and do things differently. 

“Giving them the chance to experience state-of-the-art technology ultimately leads to better treatment of patients. Students get to look at techniques they didn’t even know existed, they start to realise that investment in technology is an investment in patient health. 

“Students coming through now have a higher-level education than I ever did. They are learning techniques that I’ve had to learn on the go. There is a new generation of smart optometrists who like to have fun while getting the best possible treatment for their patient. The world of optometry is in good hands.” 

During her visit to TK&S, Deepika had the chance to experience the practice’s award-winning diagnostics suite and sat in on eye examinations, contact lens appointments and specialist binocular vision clinics. 

She said: “I feel really lucky to have been selected as a prize winner and work with Brian, Keyur, Debra and the TK&S team because it has given me an opportunity to learn from the best people in optics who I’ve been following on Instagram for a very long time. 

“Having the chance to learn about fitting scleral lenses, complicated refractions, binocular vision and myopia management has been a real eye-opener.

Working in an independent practice feels very cosy, in the sense that anyone that walks through the door you’ve known them for a while, you’re on first name terms, so it feels a lot more intimate. 

I would definitely consider a career in an independent practice in the future because you are exposed to a lot more equipment, a lot more techniques and a lot more knowledge. You get to spend a lot of time with the patient to get to know what they want.” 

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