What shape is your wardrobe in?

Posted 25th April 2021

Dean Anderson of Saint Crispin Menswear and Jane Sumner of Image Matters offer their advice for re-assessing your wardrobes as we emerge from the latest lockdown.

As people begin making plans for celebrating the loosening of lockdown restrictions many of us will be looking into our wardrobes and wondering what an earth to wear after all those months of pj’s and/or relaxed home wear attire. Many are dreading the whole idea of meeting even friends and family face to face!

Some of you might not have braved hopping on the scales, but have tried to get on those favourite go-to pieces, maybe a favourite jacket and discovered to your dismay that they are not fitting you as they once did! Consequently, having gained too many lockdown pounds means either, a drastic weight loss programme is required or some alterations are necessary ASAP! Alternatively, others may be finding that they have changed shape in a different way; have toned up and reduced inches, and need to go shopping for new wardrobe staples. 

Either way the perennial question that is often asked is: 

What do I need to put in my wardrobe to create a smart casual wardrobe of clothes that will work for business and weekends alike? 

Dean Anderson, Saint Crispin Bespoke Menswear

For the men, Dean has a tried and tested solution which would include one smart perfectly fitting two-piece suit in a grey or navy for all those important business meetings, wedding guest and other similar occasions. One great navy blazer or similar to wear with chinos or smart dark jeans. Five to seven shirts including one smart white shirt (single or double cuffed) along with a variety of other colours and fabrics that can been worn dressed up or down. Several fine knit jumpers to wear with either the shirts or the best quality white T-shirts.
Two pairs of chinos and one great fitting pair of jeans, preferably all made to measure. Particularly for those who find it tricky with a fluctuating waist line and chest, made to measure garments will have the seam allowance that high street brands simply do not have. 

Dean would be happy to answer any questions you may have so please do get in touch on email: dean@saintcrispin.co.uk or call 01604 589907.

Jane Sumner, Image Matters

For the women it is a different story. Many are juggling the school run with careers and jobs that demand a more flexible and easy-care approach to dressing. It is about finding quality pieces to dress up and dress down in about five minutes tops! Jane’s recommendation would be to have one, maybe one or two jackets, in different textures. For example, a tweed, herring bone or check. In colours mainly with a neutral theme – denim blue, khaki green or maybe a mid-navy or grey. In addition to a couple of great pieces of knitwear that can be worn as layering pieces. Five to seven tops of different styles, colour and pattern. Two pairs of trousers either smart cotton finish or more relaxed jean feel and one great fitting pair of dark jeans. For those who like a dress or skirt make sure these work with the jacket and knitwear alike. 

Jane is always happy to chat to any ladies who would like to talk through any questions or dilemmas you might have. Either call on 07779 585323 or email: jane@imagemattersuk.com.

Top tips for achieving these recommendations  

Go shopping in your own wardrobe initially. It is very easy to go online or out to the shops without even considering what you already have hanging up in your wardrobe at home! 

Try on your existing garments in front of a full length mirror in good natural daylight, with a chair in front of the mirror to sit down on about 6 feet away and ask yourself the following questions:

Do they fit without pulling standing up
and if you sit down?

Do they just need altering?
(if there is enough seem allowance) 

Do they simply need laundering or a
visit to the dry cleaners to give them a fresher look?

Are they in the right colours, styles and fit the recommended guidelines?



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