Street art is brightening up Northampton town centre

Posted 6th October 2020

Over 100 street artists from across the UK came together in Northampton last month to transform disused public spaces and make them feel accessible again with brightly coloured murals.

The annual street art project ‘Wall Games’ was coordinated by the local artist James Thompson with support from Northampton Borough Council, who sourced the locations and provided spray paints and materials.

The project saw over 100 walls around the Mayorhold car park and surrounding walkways, including Emporium Way and St James Retail Park transformed into spectacular new murals which celebrate the town’s diverse culture and street art.

Northampton street art
Sowa – Top of Emporium Way

Featured artists included Leanne Conroy, Sowa, Pad303, Gnasher, Posea, Kem, Snot, Pends, Ruelo, Oker, Rainman, Merc, Skore, Petro, Hope, Sone, Mused, Adam Illes to name but a few.

Councillor Anna King, Cabinet member for community safety and engagement, said: “We were thrilled to support the Wall Games initiative for the second year running as we are passionate about ensuring that local talent, businesses and individuals have access to an engaging environment in which their creativity can thrive.

“We want to thank James and the many street artists who came forward to take part in this project and showcase their fantastic skills by offering a great way for people to safely enjoy art and culture in town and change the areas which often get forgotten about or misused.”

This year the artists are raising money for The Hope Centre by selling t-shirts and artwork, donations can be made at

James Thompson said: “A huge thank you to all the artists who took part in painting and providing us with another year of great artwork. If you’ve enjoyed the project please send a donation to The Hope Centre at”