Save Big on Energy Bills with T&K Home Improvements

Posted 10th December 2023

As winter approaches and the cost of living continues to rise, finding ways to stay warm without breaking the bank is a top priority. At T&K Home Improvements, they not only understand the importance of keeping your home cosy but also how to make it energy efficient.

Here are their tips to save on energy bills this winter…

Efficient Heating Habits: Over half of energy bills go towards heating and hot water. Consider changes such as only heating occupied rooms, lowering your thermostat, and investing in quality draught proofing.

T&K Home Improvements can enhance your home’s insulation with services like double glazing, reducing energy consumption and saving you money.

Smart Kitchen Practices: Simple changes in the kitchen can make a big impact. Things like boiling only the water you need, and regularly defrosting your fridge freezer will increase energy efficiency. T&K’s focus on insulation also extends to energy-efficient windows, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in your kitchen.

Appliance Efficiency: Condenser tumble dryers and American-style fridge freezers are costly to run. T&K advises changing how you use these appliances for positive differences in energy payments. Additionally, washing clothes at a lower temperature can cut costs significantly.

Insulation Matters: Improve your home’s insulation to have the most significant impact on your energy bills. T&K’s services will stop heat from escaping through gaps around doors and windows, providing cost savings and a cosier home.

Review Energy Bills for Small Savings: While energy prices may not be at their lowest, small savings can still be achieved. Consider switching to paperless billing, managing your account online, and paying by direct debit for cost-effective solutions.

Energy-Saving Apps: Leverage energy-saving apps that provide detailed information about your energy usage. You can also embrace smart thermostats that allow remote heating control via your mobile device.

As the colder months approach, T&K Home Improvements is here to ensure your home is not only warm and comfortable but also energy efficient. Visit to explore their services and start saving on energy bills today.