Playful Beginnings: A Year of Success with Gray & Moo

Posted 31st October 2023

Gray & Moo is a family-run luxury soft play business that has been taking Northamptonshire by storm over the past year.

We spoke to the owner Niki to find out a bit more about the business, how it became such a success, and what we can expect to see in the future…

Hi Niki! Tell us a bit about Gray & Moo and what inspired you to start this business?

Absolutely! Gray & Moo is a family-run luxury soft play business based in Wellingborough. We provide premium play equipment for children’s parties, weddings, christenings, and various events. I started this venture about a year ago as a passion project, bringing a creative touch to my life, given my background in marketing and PR. It began as a weekend hobby but quickly took off, and now I’ve provided soft play for over 100 local events.

Congratulations on celebrating your first year! How does it feel to see the business thrive?

Thank you! It’s incredible to see something I started from scratch flourish. The support has been overwhelming and I’m so grateful. One of my favourite moments so far was when my husband asked my 3 year old what job he’d like to do when he’s, older and his response was “I want to do soft play with Mummy!” it’s these moments that make the journey truly special.

Tell us about the new stay-and-play initiative you’ve launched. What inspired it, and what can participants expect?

To mark our one-year anniversary, I wanted to do something special. Enter “The Play Hub” – monthly stay-and-play sessions held at Ugly Mug café in Wellingborough. Each month has a unique theme; we’ve had a pumpkin patch and upcoming sessions include a ‘festival of fireworks’ and a Christmas special called ‘Candy Cane Lane’ with Santa! We also feature family-focused local businesses at each session, creating a vibrant community space for parents and kids.

Dan and Tasha, the new Ugly Mug owners have been fantastic, with 3 young children of their own they really shared my vision and have supported me with launching The Play Hub.

Looking ahead, what can we expect from Gray & Moo in the future? Any exciting plans?

I’m keeping things organic and letting the business grow naturally. I’m hoping to host more stay-and-play sessions across Northamptonshire and possibly expand our services to include other children’s party hire items. The future looks promising!

How can people stay updated and learn more about Gray & Moo? 

For the latest updates, follow us on Instagram at Gray & Moo Instagram, like us on Facebook at Gray & Moo Facebook, and check out our website at Gray & Moo Website. Join us on this exciting journey!

If you’d like to book on to Gray & Moo’s Christmas sessions for The Play Hub then be quick as there’s only 12 tickets left! You can nab your space here.