New year, new you!

Posted 18th January 2021

Stylist Jane Sumner of Image Matters shares her tips about getting your wardrobe in shape

Many of us will be making new year resolutions to ensure we are ready for the arrival of spring and the longed-for summer.

It could be we want to get back in to shape after making the most of the festive season and adding pounds during the lockdown. An incentive could be a wardrobe ready for the big reveal which meets the demands of both work and leisure.

My first tip is to work out what clothes you will need in your wardrobe. This means you can plan in a focused way about what you will keep, throw away and most importantly what you are thinking of buying. In my experience most people buy clothes on impulse just because they ‘like’ them rather than working out how are they going to add value to the wardrobe or if they even ‘need’ yet more clothes.

My second tip is to declutter your wardrobe.  Most of my clients keep clothes for years. There is the ‘just in case,’ item, invariably the high-ticket items bought for a special occasion or clothing worn in a past corporate life. Perhaps you were a completely different size and it is now too small or even too big. Whatever the reason, if you have had items more than a couple of years or more without wearing them the likelihood of wearing them again is slim. Clothing styles for women in particular move very quickly and it is highly unlikely you will want to wear them even if you do have an occasion to dust them off. You and your wardrobe are better finding places to sell, recycle or swap rather than add to landfill which is happening far too much. 

My third tip is to go shopping in your own wardrobe creating new outfit combinations with the items you have decided to keep. This is where you can really see if you ‘need’ more clothes. If you do find ‘gaps’ this highlights what you actually require rather than what you like buying. It can be a revelation to find out that you actually have more than enough clothing. Happy days! For some, it maybe a few well-chosen items that add value to your wardrobe which are necessary. It can be extremely tempting to ‘refill’ the wardrobe with more clothes just because you have created the space. It is neither good for the environment nor to your bank balance.  

Finally, invest in some professional advice for colour, style and wardrobe guidelines. This is invaluable for those who find clothes shopping all to overwhelming, confusing or simply do not have the time. It will, in fact save you money moving forward giving you the guidelines and structure to make considered, thoughtful planned investments for your wardrobe ending all those ‘that will do’ purchases and bargain sale items bought but never worn. In my book that’s money well spent and lasts a lifetime.

I trained with Colour Me Beautiful and have 24 years’ experience in the image industry. I have helped thousands of women become more confident with the ‘how, what, why’ of dressing for themselves and their changing lifestyles and bodies. I offer one-to-one appointments bespoke to your requirements. In addition, I have a growing online Facebook community, ‘The Secret Boutique’ delivering styling advice to women who are looking for inspiration and want to keep up-to-date with current trends on and off the High Street. It is ideal for those who hate shopping or who can never find anything that suits them. 

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