New unique dance studio opens in Northamptonshire

Posted 29th February 2024

A new dance studio has opened at Nene Court in Wellingborough offering dance, fitness and wellness classes for adults.

Mode Movement opened in early December and has already been making huge waves across Northamptonshire. The unique studio runs classes 7 days a week that caters to all ages and levels.

We caught up with Kitty, the powerhouse behind the new studio to find out more about her dance background and what we can expect from Mode Movement…

Hi Kitty, could you share a bit about your background and journey into dance?

Absolutely! I kicked off my dance journey at the tender age of 2, right here in Northamptonshire. Ballet, tap, modern – you name it, I studied it. Fast forward to secondary school, and I was doing GCSE and A-level dance exams four years ahead of schedule. Year 9 saw me tackling my first-ever A-level, which kind of made me grow up faster than my friends.

After that, I spent three fantastic years at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. The likes of Mel B and Paloma Faith have attended here too! It was tough, I even got pretty poorly, but the love for dance kept me going, and I managed to get a first in my degree.

What inspired you to set up Mode Movement Studio?

Coming out of lockdown, lots of dancers were feeling a bit lost with everything closed. During this time I had 18 months stepping away from dance, I even went and got a job in a totally different industry. But I soon realised that dance is my passion and I wanted to pick my teaching back up!

I started with one dance and one fitness class for adults in 2023. It snowballed from there – a few classes a week, and then the chance to have my own studio at Nene Court popped up and I jumped at the chance.

There’s nothing like Mode in Northamptonshire – offering dance fitness, wellness for adults, catering to all abilities. It’s a unique spot, and I wanted to bring it to people’s doorsteps.

What types of classes can we find at Mode Movement Studio?

We’ve got a bit of everything – chair-based fitness for the elderly and special needs, stretch and balance, Bollywood, ballet, Zumba, sweat and glow, commercial, ballroom and Latin, contemporary, heels, yoga, plus more! We also have guest teachers popping in for masterclasses.

Sounds incredible! What’s the best part about running Mode?

Mode has given me purpose. It’s my Ikigai, you know – that Japanese concept about finding what gives you purpose in life. Every day is different, and I love it. Providing a service people need and love, being a guiding force – it’s fulfilling. Helping people and watching dance come to life is what I’m all about.

That’s wonderful! What can people expect when they walk through the doors of Mode?

They’re in for a treat! It’s a lovely community where everyone inspires each other. Newbies get inspired by the professionals, and there’s this fantastic sense of community. People form friendships, all united by the desire to do something for themselves – whether it’s fitness, improvement, or mental health.

What does the future hold for Mode Movement Studio?

We’re still in the early stages – a brand-new facility in Wellingborough with a London vibe! No need to splurge on expensive classes and train fares. I envision community classes, exciting long-term plans, and hosting events with local creative businesses. It’s only the 9th week, and I’m already buzzing with excitement!

For someone thinking about trying a dance class but feeling a bit nervous, what would you say?

I’d say, we’ve all been there – a bit anxious at first, especially as adults. But take comfort in the fact that you’ve taken that first step. Embrace the new experience, and you’ll leave wondering why you were nervous in the first place. Plus, everyone’s so focused on their own moves; it’s a safe and fun space. No one cares what you’re doing – just enjoy!

To find out more about Mode follow them on Instagram or visit their website here.