Lighten Up Your Life

Posted 18th March 2021

After months of staying at home priorities have changed and people are placing more importance on their living space and how to improve it. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home and is an essential decorating element. It can set the right ambience and give your rooms a unique look. But have you given thought to the shades on your lamps?

They can make just as much of a difference in the appearance in a room. The choice offered by many high street retailers is limited, they cannot take a chance on fashion colours and patterns or extra-large shades so they tend to offer plain neutral-coloured lampshades in standard shapes and sizes. 

This is no longer a problem thanks to Dannells “Professional Lampshade Making Kits”. Dannells are experts in the lampshade making industry with over 40 years’ experience of supplying materials and components to manufacturers around the world. More recently the company has turned its attention to designing products for homemakers, creative crafters that sell handmade and homemade crafts online and DIY enthusiasts allowing anyone to make professional, stylish and bespoke lampshades for their home or business using their coverings of choice. 

Ideal for complete beginners with no previous craft experience or for crafters with a passion for trying something new. Dannells’ Lampshade Making Kits are easy to make and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional drum lampshades to modern square and hexagon shades. Suitable as either a pendant light or a table lamp, each kit includes all the high-quality materials needed to make your own professional shade, including easy-to-follow photo instructions with plenty of tips and tricks for easy assembly. 

By simply adding your own choice of fabric or wallpaper you can emphasise your interior colour scheme or room style. 

And the opportunities of Dannells’ Lampshade Making Kits don’t stop there! If you have a creative streak and would like to generate some extra income, why not consider becoming a professional lampshade maker. Many of our customers, who start by making just one lampshade, have gone on to create sustainable and profitable businesses selling lampshades by adding their own unique creative twist. 

A case in point is Anita, based in North Yorkshire, after a career break to raise her 3 children she wanted to return to work doing something she really enjoyed. After completing a Lampshade Making Workshop she started making lampshades for herself, friends and family and now has a successful lampshade making business – Hearts & Glitter – and hosts her own Lampshade Making Workshops. 

Alison Bick is also a great inspiration. By channelling the beauty of her home surroundings in Cornwall, she designs bold and beautiful lampshades with a unique modern floral style. In 2017 she bought some lampshade kits from Dannells, started off with a few designs printed on fabric, and after some really great feedback from customers, she gradually started selling more and hasn’t stopped since. 

So, whether you want to make just one lampshade or are a competent crafter looking for a new business venture, all that’s needed is a pair of fabric scissors, a pencil and a flat surface, making it a genuine kitchen table craft. No extra specialist equipment is required, meaning you can get to work straight away to ‘brighten’ up your space! 

Dannells has a Facebook group with over 2000 friendly shade makers who are always ready to answer any questions and share insider tips; over 40 video tutorials on Youtube; Live Virtual Workshops; Blog and Social Media profiles packed with inspiration and support; plenty of instructions and advice on the website and a friendly team at Dannells that are just a phone call away to answer all your questions, whether you are a hobbyist or an entrepreneur in search of a new opportunity.