I will get knives off our streets, for good

Posted 1st May 2024

We need to take back Northampton’s streets from a rising epidemic of knife crime. In plain sight, we are now witnessing a crisis, a horrific growth in knife crime and stabbings. Not enough is being done to stop it.

Knife crime doesn’t just affect the direct victim, it affects the whole Northampton community. It creates a feeling of dread when walking home alone in the dark and fuels the belief held by a growing number of teenagers that they need to carry a knife to protect themselves. Too often nothing is done when there are signs that a young person is getting into trouble, being groomed by gangs, or becoming lost in a dangerous online world.

It’s time to take action.

Halving knife crime
If you elect a Labour Government at this year’s General Election, we have committed to halving knife crime. We must be tougher on knife crime, with swift and robust punishment for offenders. Meaningless warnings aren’t enough. There must be consequences for carrying a knife.

But, we must also focus on prevention. We need to tackle the causes of knife crime early and systematically. I will work with the police to prevent young people being drawn into crime, targeting those most at risk and building a package of support to stop them ever picking up a knife.

Stopping the sale of dangerous knives
I am proud that a Labour Government will ban the sale of “zombie knives”, put in place tough criminal sanctions on tech executives who allow illegal knife sales on their online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, and strengthen the ID checks conducted by Royal Mail to stop kids getting hold of knives in the first place.

Helping kids get the best start in life
Prevention must also happen in our communities. Labour will introduce Young Futures Hubs in Northampton. These “Sure Start centres for teenagers” will bring together youth, mental health, police and employment professionals into one space to help kids get the best start and keep them away from crime.

Connecting with community leaders
Here in Northampton, I will launch a Knife Crime Coalition, which will bring together community leaders, voluntary organisations, sporting bodies, schools, faith leaders, businesses and young people themselves, to make sure that what is implemented works in our town. With a prominent voice, the coalition will ensure that impacted communities are at the heart of finding solutions.

I need your help
I can’t do this without you. If you want change, you need to use your voice and vote Labour in this year’s elections. You have a clear choice, more of the same with the Conservatives, or a fresh start with me. I hope you’ll help me get knives off our streets for good.