Hello Wicksteed

Posted 11th July 2024

Under starter’s orders…

The new Jolly Jockeys ride at Wicksteed Park has got visitors jumping for joy!

The lakeside attraction allows you to hit the saddle and gallop to victory in a horse race around a circuit of twists, turns and fences.
Jolly Jockeys is the latest addition to the park, and follows on from recent year additions including the Galaxy Invaders rider, the Garden Wheel and Meerkat Manor.

The Park also cheers little folks with its daytime shows including Wicky Bear and friends.
All the park’s rides and attractions will be open each weekend and throughout the summer holidays, so you can enjoy rides like Dinosaur Valley and Rocky River Falls or favourites like the Paratrooper, the Dodgems, the Train, Sway Rider and the Carousel.

And with everyone having to make the pounds and pence go further, the park has reduced pre-booked, dated wristbands to just £20, with individual ride tickets at £3.

Wicksteed Park was opened in 1921 by Charles Wicksteed, the creator of swings and slides as we know them today, who had a vision to inspire and encourage play as part of families’ health and wellbeing.

More than a century since turning his vision into a reality, Wicksteed Park is still at the heart of the matter for families seeking fun times.

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