Hello Giggles

Posted 11th July 2024

LOL this summer…

The Comedy Crate has been stacked over the past few weeks with a veritable feast of cracking nights, and the funny times keep on rolling through to the end of July with much still to enjoy.

Scott Bennett and Sara Barron visit The Lamplighter (July 8) and Scott’s turn in the spotlight, Blood Sugar Baby, tells the amazing true story of how his infant daughter fell ill with a rare genetic condition.

It mightn’t sound very funny, but Scott has managed to make it so – and it comes with a happy ending.

The blurb goes like this: ‘Two soul mates are taken from the idyllic world of NCT classes and plunged into months of treatment, genetics, bizarre side effects, private jets, and celebrity encounters.’

Jon Pearson asks What Have You Been Up To? (July 17) when he rocks up at VandB as part of his first UK tour.

It comes with the promise that he will weave comedy gold from what feels like thin air, by talking to you, the audience.

The Comedy Crate Weekender (July 20 & 21), with support from Northampton Town Centre BID, will deliver 25 acts across three stages in two days. All those taking part will be delivering Edinburgh previews or work in progress sets, and there are some terrific talents lined-up for you – Maisie Adam, Jack Skipper, Mark Thomas, Angela Barnes, Hudson & Hudson and John Robertson among them.
Local talent done swell, Andrew Bird is also on the bill.

Last up, on July 27, Markus Birdman and Jacob Nussey will grab the mic at Cheyne Walk Club.

To book tickets head to thecomedycrate.com