Hayseed Dixie come to The Roadmender

Posted 1st May 2024

Incredibly, Hayseed Dixie have been colouring up stages for more than two decades now, and they’ve been prolific putter-outers too; with 16 albums, a Halloween EP and a double live album. Those deliveries have sold a combined number in excess of 750,000 physical copies. And when it comes to digital listens (both legal and naughty) their tunes have been shared so many times that it makes the band want to laugh and cry simultaneously. And, we are reliably informed, they often do.
The self-styled creators of ‘rockgrass’ most recently delivered Shattered Grass, which is brimming with ‘all original, old-school, hard-country, honky-tonk songs with ragged glory!

But what about the foundations of this unique mob?

It all started when Barley Scotch stumbled across a wrecked car on an isolated mountain road in the hills of Deer Lick Holler, East Tennessee. While going through the motor, Brother Barley discovered a collection of vinyl records by a band he’d never before heard of, called AC/DC.

He took the releases back into town, put the needle on them and shared the sounds with his buddies. According to those that were there, ‘no-one had heard such sounds since the last time Uncle Virgil caught his leg in the grain elevator…’

The boys recorded some of these new songs in their own mountain music style and the debut album, A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC, which contained stark-raving-plastered re-workings of 10 AC/DC deliveries, was born.

It sold a shed load of copies and the band decided to hit the road to ‘play some live shows, chase some women, and drink some beer and whiskey.’ And they are still doing it.

On May 16, they’ll be delivering their maximum rockgrass at The Roadmender. What songs will make it onto the setlist? With delights like I’m Keeping Your Poop, Before Your Old Man Gets Home, Underneath The Bed, Nicotine and Alcohol and Too Much Poo To Flush, the setlist will surely be s***hot!

Support will come from The Zipheads and tickets are a click away at theroadmender.com

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