Eddz strikes out with cracking new track

Posted 6th September 2023

Northampton’s Eddz is back with his new single, EC_ET, which is officially released on the 1st of the month.

EC_ET – standing for English Cities, English Towns – has a grittier edge to it, mixed in with some socio political commentary – it’s a bit of an indie smasher too, pairing spoken words with a tasty backdrop of dance beats and a big chorus.
Listen once, hum for the rest of the day.

Josh Guy, who takes care of keyboard, synths and production duties with Phantom Isle, worked on the track. He already had form with Eddz’ material, having previously remixed the track Ignorance.

“I ventured out of Northampton for the recording of EC_ET to work with Joshua in London,” Eddz said, “EC_ET is about the demise of our local towns and cities. Regardless of where you visit, they are all generally run down and appear all the same.

“Initially, I thought this was just a local issue, but after gigging across the UK, you realise Northampton is not unique with this problem. The powers from above are not willing to support, help or improve local areas, be it for the greater good.”

Speaking about the recording process, Josh told us: “Eddz and I were caught in the middle of the summer party buzz around my studio in Hackney Wick. We’d soaked up the frenetic energy and made the backing a contrast to Eddz’ charged lyrics. Not wanting to make it too upbeat, we layered up dark guitars and noise against the house beat.”

EC_ET will be available through all major streaming platforms.