Don’t move, improve.

Posted 25th January 2021

With the challenges faced last year, our homes have never been more important. And the great news is, you don’t have to move to improve your home. Here, Steve Rawding, Sales and Marketing Director at leading South East home improvement company SEH BAC, discusses why updating your windows can improve your homes look – and lower your energy bills.

Many people will think of windows as ‘just windows’ but that is really not the case. Every part of your home makes a statement and windows are no different.

Making up substantial amounts of your home’s exterior, your windows are important to your home’s aesthetics and play a big part in keeping you warm during the winter months.

Updating your windows is the perfect way to give your home that bit of TLC it needs but it’s important to get the perfect style that suits your home and area.

When it comes to frames and styles, whether you’re after uPVC casement windows, a sustainably sourced bespoke timber flush sash, or an ultra-thin, modern, aluminium window, you can choose the perfect design solution and from a range of different colour and finish options to compliment your home’s existing character, whatever your budget and personal taste.

Windows are also a particularly vulnerable point for heat to escape, and with old existing double glazing probably not performing as it should do, replacing them is the most instantly rewarding way of energy-proofing your home. 

When it comes to glazing, for decades double has been the norm but with triple glazing going one better, it’s now a decision you will have to make. 

Triple glazing will help you bring down the amount you spend on your energy bills, but you will pay for the privilege. And it’s important to remember that there are double glazing window options that offer excellent energy efficiency similar to double glazing.

Steve Rawding, Sales and Marketing Director SEH BAC

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