A Perfect Day Festival comes to Delapré

Posted 11th June 2024

A Perfect Day Festival comes to Delapré Park on Sunday, June 16, with James Arthur in the top spot.

James first took attentions on the ninth series of The X-Factor. Wowing the judges and the British public, he was the season winner and has since accrued a haul of hits – Impossible, Sun Comes Up, Naked, Rewrite The Stars and the seminal single, Say You Won’t Let Go, among ‘em.

Earlier this year he released his fifth album, Bitter Sweet Love, which debuted in the top spot.

This concert is perfect by name and perfect by nature with Arthur being joined by a veritable feast of fantastic music makers from the region ready to deliver at the event. All you need to do is grab a ticket, gather your friends and family, and remember to take along the picnic blanket.

Book tickets at aperfectdayfestival.com

Pulse music checked in with the talents on our doorstep to see what’s on the menu on the day…

Billy Lockett
In a nutshell: “I write emotional, sad, piano ballads about a lot of my life; addiction, heartbreak and moving forward,” says Billy, who is fresh back at home following a European tour, and toasting the success of his current track with Kettering’s Brit Award nominated Goddard.

What to expect: “I think it’s great that this show is happening. I just want to make sure that people have as much fun as possible really… I guess it is going to be a day of singer-songwriters and I love the fact that they’ve kept it local as well.”

Don’t go to the bar when: “Don’t go when I play I Could Use A Friend,” he says, “That’s the song of the moment.”

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Instagram @billylockett
Facebook: billylockettmusic

Mae Stephens
In a nutshell: “I’m colourful and funky and I want to be an advocate for the outcasts, the misfits and the weird kids.”

What to expect: “I want my show to be fun and for people to enjoy it and have a boogie.
They can expect a bit of fun and some terrible dancing from me,” Mae promised, “I’m about as flexible as a house brick!”

Don’t go to the bar when: “I released a song recently called Make Me Your Missus and it’s about my love for my partner, but it’s got this amazing section when the band all come together and we do this half time breakdown of the song, which is by far my most favourite point in the show. Don’t go to the bar then!”

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TikTok & Insta: @maestephens_
YouTube: MaeStephensOfficial

Andy Crofts
In a nutshell: “I’m probably known for my work with Paul Weller and my band The Moons who have had four studio albums. In all honesty, I am still developing my sound though. As the songwriter of The Moons I guess my music will always have some of that sound but I’m venturing into a solo world now and it’s still early days. It’s so fresh that I’m having to put a band together for the show. I have a bunch of songs that I need to get recorded and then release a solo record. So it’s all up in the air I guess.”

What to expect: “I plan on playing some new material I’ve never done live before mixed in with some numbers by The Moons. I don’t have a very long set so it’s all about finding the right balance with it all. I feel I need to push myself to put some new solo tracks in otherwise I rely too heavily on my Moons material. This show could be an eye opener for me on all levels.”

Don’t go to the bar when: “I’d say don’t go to the bar when I start and go when I’ve finished, ha ha. Despite being a support act, this could potentially be my biggest performance in Northampton with my own music and naturally I’d like everyone to see. I played the same location when I was in Paul Weller’s band and it was magical.”

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Instagram: @andyjcrofts
X: @andyjcrofts
Facebook: @lunarcrofts
Official website: andycrofts.com

Charlotte Carpenter
In a nutshell: “My music is like sharing a selection box of biscuits and a cuppa with your best mate, whilst you’re having a deep and meaningful about the human existence,” said Charlotte, who released her debut album A Modern Rage in October 2023. She has plans to issue a live EP this autumn to celebrate the one year release of the album.
“There are songs which will fill you with warmth and melt you and songs with a bit of crunch and more of a fight.”
What to expect: “Big guitar energy and a Midlands charm.”

Don’t go to the bar when: “When we play Dolores. This sci-fi inspired epic takes you somewhere else.”

Investigate further: I’m everywhere you’d expect but Instagram is more my vibe. My handle is @ccarpentermusic where you’ll be able to see me share endless stories of my two cats.

In a nutshell: “We make indie tunes to be enjoyed in the sun,” says lead singer and guitarist Tom, “A mixture of indie, jazz, and pop.”
The quartet are fresh out of the studio in Liverpool working on some new tunes which will be blessing ears at some point this year.
What to expect: “A jam packed set full of our greatest hits, good vibes guaranteed.”

Don’t go to the bar when: “Don’t go to the bar at all! Grab a drink before our set and be ready to dance as soon as we get on stage.”

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Instagram @balterband
Facebook @balterrrband