A new era for Business Times as Pulse Magazine expands its portfolio

Posted 30th October 2020

Pulse Magazine is delighted to announce that it has acquired the respected Business Times title.

The publication was set up by Julie Barnes-Ward and her husband in 1991 and is a hugely valuable source for the business community.

It draws readers and advertisers from across the county, and from Milton Keynes and London.

The well-established monthly newspaper is a magnet for companies across Northamptonshire, where it serves as a one-stop shop; it is a trusted title utilised by businesses to direct market  their peers, to maintain brand awareness, and to announce news and appointments.

Pulse editor Kerry Lewis-Stevenson said: “I have been aware of the paper for many years and have subscribed to it myself for a long time. The paper has been woven into the very fabric of Northamptonshire’s business community for decades. When the opportunity to increase our portfolio by taking on the title presented itself, I knew it was an opportunity we had to take – it would be such a shame to lose such an iconic publication which has such a great reputation.

“When people use computers, smartphones and tablets to work, live and play it comes as no surprise that the impact of reading something tangible is significant. Business Times is a trusted brand that puts all business news in one place every month – and readers pick it up and flick through each page without constant interruption from pops ups and links.”

Kerry said: “2020 has been an unprecedented year and one unlike any other. These are hugely challenging times for businesses, which makes Business Times an even more important tool now and in the future as the community begins to repair and regrow.

“We are looking forward to continuing the sterling work that Julie and her team have been responsible for and will mark the 30th anniversary of Business Times by not only continuing but increasing the support for our local industry through its pages,” she added.

The next edition of Business Times will be delivered early next year.

> Read previous editions of Business Times online at business-times.co.uk