3 Bespoke Cocktails to Make at Home for Valentine’s Day

Posted 24th January 2023

Why not save a little bit of money this month and celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? If it’s your first or your fifty-first Valentine’s Day with your beau, February 14th is the perfect occasion to crack out that cocktail shaker hidden at the back of your cupboard. Whether it’s an intimate 3-course dinner or more of a casual occasion, swap out your usual Mojito or Passionfruit Martini for something a little bit more special this year. Local cocktail designer and enthusiast Sunday Cocktail Club has created 3 bespoke recipes for you to try out and enjoy this year.

Despite looking particularly eye-catching, these three cocktails are pretty low-maintenance. They only take a few minutes to shake up and require just a handful of ingredients. However you choose to celebrate V Day, Pulse Magazine has got you! Grab your ‘on the rocks’ glassware and then let Cupid take care of the rest!

A Dozen Roses

The Negroni has really taken the world by storm this year, but it can be a little bitter on some palates. ‘A Dozen Roses’  is a variation on the classic Negroni, with less of that bitter aftertaste. Sweetness and floral flavours are provided by the rose petal jelly and rosé vermouth not only creates the more romantic dark pink colour, but is lighter in flavour than Martini Rosso in the classic recipe, balancing it all out.

-1 bar spoon Rose Petal Jelly

(I used this one from Fortnum and Mason: https://www.fortnumandmason.com/stories/rose-petal-jelly but you can also make your own by following this Martha Stewart Recipe: https://www.marthastewart.com/356009/rose-petal-jelly)

-25ml Rosé Vermouth-25ml Campari-25ml GinGarnish: Orange Heart

Simply stir the ingredients together and serve over ice.

Cupid’s Daiquiri

Who doesn’t like a daiquiri? Especially one that genuinely tastes like a chocolate strawberry in a glass! The ‘Cupid’s Daiquiri’ is an indulgent cocktail, yet still light enough to have as an aperitif.

-25ml Berry Syrup

(equal parts frozen berries, sugar and water heated until the sugar has dissolved, then cooled and sieved)

-60ml Cacao White Rum-25ml Lime-Pinch of Pink Himalayan SaltGarnish: Lime Heart

Simply shake and serve over ice.

The Beating Heart

This one is definitely a choice for all of you out there with a sweet tooth, with the sugar in ‘The Beating Heart’ balanced out by tart lemon. Raspberry and honey certainly make this is a firm favourite flavour combination.-4-6 Raspberries (fresh, frozen or freeze-dried)-25ml Lemon Juice-25ml Honey Syrup

(2 parts honey to 1 part boiling water, simply mixed then cooled)-50ml Lemon Gin-20ml LimoncelloGarnish: Lemon Heart

Simply shake and serve over ice.