10 Alternatives to Going ‘Out Out’ this New Year

Posted 14th December 2022

It’s certainly hard to believe, but the year will soon be coming to an end – yes, really! It seems to me like just yesterday we were saying hello to the summer sun but we’re now saying hello to 2023.

Yes, there are the obvious ways to bring in the New Year – heading out to party until the early hours may be the choice for some but, if you’re anything like me, all of the celebrations surrounding Christmastime mean that NY seems like the perfect time for something a little different! Here are some unique ideas you could use to ring in the start of the next 12 months around the sun.

  1. Murder Mystery Night

Whether you want to party Gatsby-style or throw a James Bond themed soirée, a classic ‘whodunnit’ murder mystery is a great alternative way to bring in the New Year with friends or family. I enjoyed a fantastic roaring twentiesesque party like this a few years ago and it went down as one of the best New Year celebrations I can remember! Alternatively, if you can’t get together in person with your nearest and dearest, the virtual games at https://www.red-herring-games.com/ make a fantastic online alternative.

  1. Games Night

For another alternative NY plan, why not get competitive and host a games night! Many festive holidays have fallen foul of a particularly competitive game of Monopoly or an aggressive game of Scrabble. Remember to lay down some ground rules! You, a few friends and a classic like Articulate or, if you’re feeling a little more risqué, Cards Against Humanity: what more could you want?

  1. Cooking or Baking Competition

Fancy yourself as the next Paul Hollywood or Prue Leith? Why not host an at-home cooking competition, complete with a panel of a few judges to taste and rate your food! If you have the kitchen space, everyone could be all hands on deck creating their masterpieces on the evening or, to save the mess, ask everyone to bring their ‘signature bake’ or dish with them. Anything involving food is a winner in my book.

  1. Cocktail Night

Don’t fancy going out, but still want to get into the party spirit? You could always dress up to the nines and make your own DIY cocktails at home instead. How about a champagne cocktail like a simple bellini – just peach puree and fizz? Or, if you’re feeling fancy, check out this recipe:

Toffee Apple Martini

  • 50 ml toffee vodka
  • 25 ml Licor 43
  • 40ml medium/dry apple juice
  • Citrus to taste

Simply shake everything with ice, serve in a chilled glass and garnish with a slice of dried apple or a fresh apple fan.

  1. Movie Marathon

A pretty straightforward one – but, if you want to go all out, why not turn your living room into a home cinema? All you need is a smartphone projector and a blank wall or white sheet to project your movie on to. Don’t forget the bowls of popcorn, ice cream and cinema snacks.

  1. Scrapbooking your 2022

Scrapbooking is a method of presenting and arranging a collage of materials to represent all the ways you made memories in 2022. Try using photographs, printed media and artwork alongside written descriptions and decorate your scrapbook in anyway you like. You can even create digital scrapbooks online on sites like https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/ if you don’t have a chance to get your hands on all the materials.

  1. ‘Spring’ Clean and Make Resolutions

A classic New Year activity is to make resolutions, but how about pairing this with a Spring (or Winter!) clean to really feel like you’re making a new start! And remember – resolutions don’t have to be negative! One of mine this year is to spend more quality time with loved ones.

  1. Build a Time Capsule

Prepare to go back to the future this 2022 and start a time capsule! Pull out a newspaper clipping from the last few days of the year and start building your box. Try and mix up your own personal artefacts with some related to the year as a whole – like a coin with the late Queen’s head on. Then choose your time scale – do you want to simply open this next year? Or maybe wait until 2033! You can choose to bury your time capsule (although, if it’s going to be a long while until you open it, beware of wear and tear) or simply store your items in an airtight container and hide it somewhere.

  1. Design a 2023 Memory Jar

Decorate an old jam jar ready to fill it with scraps of paper in the New Year. Every time you do something or hear something you want to remember in 2023, jot it down and put it in your memory jar, ready to open at the end of the New Year!

  1. And…if all else fails…stay in bed!

How are you choosing to spend your New Year? Let us know!